Free Bee Craft Activity: Building Coordination

Free Bee Craft Activity: Building Coordination

Making a Bee

How about we celebrate this hard working insect by making a cute one form a loo roll.

This activity gives your child a chance to practice scissors skills and gluing, which both support fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination. Using these skills through play are helpful for mastering skills like handwriting too. 

Building Coordination

Using scissors is really important as it helps develop hand-eye coordination where they learn to watch where they are cutting and use their eyes to guide how they should move next. Mastering this skill is helpful in playing sports, cooking and everyday life.  There are lots more benefits that you can find here

What You'll Need

  • Loo roll or yellow card
  • White card
  • Black paper
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • Yellow paint and paintbrush
  • Glue or glue drops
  • Goggly eyes
  • Marker


  1. Paint the loo roll yellow and let it dry. If you want to skip painting use yellow card and roll it into a tube and tape it in the back.
  2. Cut out wings from the white paper
  3. Cut out 2 black stripes.
  4. Cut the pipe cleaner into 2 shorter ones.
  5. Stick goggly eyes and make a smiley face at the top of the loo roll
  6. Wrap the black stripes around the loo roll and glue them in.
  7. Glue the wings to the back of the loo roll.
  8. Glue the pipe cleaners on the inside of the loo roll making them to stick out like antennae.


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