About us

We started My Mini Maker when stuck in lockdown and up all night with our new born, wondering how on earth we’d keep our nearly three year old busy that day. All the classes we usually did were shut and the weather was getting worse, so lots more time inside was on the horizon. Like many of our friends we weren’t confident doing arts and crafts activities and were intimidated by the ideas we saw online. Surely there was something easier? Something that provided everything you needed to just get making and wasn’t too messy? That’s when My Mini Maker was born. If we were feeling like this then surely other parents were too.

Our mission is to empower parents to get creative with their little ones. We are Nic and Tim, two tired parents with a crazy idea, and Justyna, an early years childcare expert with 20 years experience. We believe that kids learn best through playing. Our little one’s love trying new things, being artistic and having our undivided attention.

Our craft kits enable parents to make memories with their little ones and help build their crafting confidence with clear, simple instructions. Our kits are specifically designed by Justyna to develop age-appropriate skills. Nic does the printed design, most of the social media and other product development. Then Tim's in charge of all the stock management and numbers. On top of looking after two kids and our full time jobs. 

Each kit contains four activities that help develop skills crucial for little ones. The activities help practice fine motor skills such as cutting, gluing and threading, as well as helping develop children’s concentration. The sensory tray element helps expose children to different textures and develop their imaginations through play. All this in an age-appropriate manner. Our kits arrive complete with everything inside, so all customers need to do is open the box and start crafting.