Free Hungry Caterpillar Activity: Practicing Counting

Free Hungry Caterpillar Activity: Practicing Counting

Making a Number Eating Caterpillar

We all know the story of the very hungry caterpillars but how about instead of having the caterpillar eat all kind of foods we feed her with numbers. 

This activity allows your child to practice counting and numbers. Placing numbered tokens in the right place develops their fine motor skills and precision. You might involve your child in cutting out circles as well. Make sure you have “a very hungry caterpillar” book around to read it as well. 


What You'll Need


  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors


    1. On a big piece of paper draw a caterpillar by using circles. We used a small glass as a template.
    2. On the first one draw a happy face and the rest of them number from 1 to 10 or so. Cut out the same sized circles from coloured paper and number them.
    3. Ask your child to feed the caterpillar by placing numbered tokens in the right circle on the caterpillar.


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