Free Butterfly Stamping Activity: Strengthening Little Hands

Free Butterfly Stamping Activity: Strengthening Little Hands

Making Butterflies

What could be better than making your own butterfly stamp, expose your child to different textures and stimulate their senses.

Painting and strengthening little hands 

Even though painting might be a bit messy it is a great tool to improve your child’s fine motor skills. Painting doesn't have to be limited to a paintbrush and we can use pegs and pompoms, mops, hands, sponges, and straws.

Giving your child a sponge or asking them to pick up a pompom with a peg provides them with a great opportunity to use their pincer grasp which is so necessary in handwriting. The process of stamping or painting with a paintbrush strengthens your little one’s fingers and allows them to practise hand-eye coordination. Find out more here

What You'll Need

  • A sponge 
  • Rubber band 
  • Paper
  • Paint 
  • Paintbrush 


  1. Wrap a rubber band in the middle of the sponge to make a butterfly
  2. Pour different colours of pain onto a plate or a tray. Paint the sponge in stripes, spots or whichever you want to and then press it onto the paper like a stamp
  3. You should get a butterfly shape on the paper so just add antennas at the top and you can have a beautiful picture of butterflies


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