Appreciate a Dragon Day

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Did you even know there was Appreciate A Dragon Day? No neither did we, but in our house we love playing dress up as a dragon, reading dragon books and watching Zog. It actually started in 2004 as part of a book launch but it gives us a great excuse to talk about dragons and of course, pretend to roar like one too!

Alex’s little dragon set came from this book - DIY Kids Dress Up. It was very simple to sew and the longest stage was cutting all the pieces out. To make it you will need:

  • A sewing machine
  • A good pair of fabric scissors
  • Some elastic for round the head and waist
  • Some toy stuffing
  • Three colours of felt - we bought ours from My Sewing Box

The template is available here and we suggest only making the mask and tail because getting the gloves on and off al the time became a pain! It’s super simple and he loves to play with it. I will definitely be making a few more of their animal masks and tails once I’m out of the newborn haze.

For the mask:

  • Cut the face mask main piece x 2, a set of horns, 2 nostrils, a snout and the 2 side frills
  • Layer them up and pin them so they stay in place.
  • You need to double layer the main face mask piece and put the elastic in between these pieces
  • Cut the eye holes in the mask
  • Sew around the edge of the eye holes, snout and edge of the mask.
  • Lastly sew on the horns

For the tail:

  • Cut the 2 main tail pieces from one colour, the two frills from another colour and some arrows
  • Pin and sew on the arrow shapes to one of the main tail pieces, this will be the top side of the tail
  • Pin the side frills in place and sew all around the edge except across the top
  • Stuff the tail with toy stuffing as full as you like
  • Pin the elastic in place and sew the top shut

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